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Review Of The Casio Pathfinder PAW500-1V On

作者:admin发布时间:2020-05-31 16:25

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We have an unusual review today, the Casio Pathfinder PAW500-1V. It’s a Pathfinder for women, but surprisingly it’s a great watch for a man too. We’ve done lots of Pathfinder reviews here on WatchReport, so we jumped at the chance to review this one.

The spec list includes

* 5-band atomic timekeeping (US, UK, Japan (2) & Germany), auto-receive up to six times per day
* Tough solar power, meaning shock-resistant with five month power reserve
* Low temperature rated to -10 to 60C, or 14 to 140F.
* Altimeter/barometer
* Thermometer – as with all temperature sensors, it’s only accurate if you remove the watch from your wrist.
* 100m (330′) water resistant
* Mineral crystal
* Stopwatch, five alarms, 24h countdown timer and second time zone (world time) from 29 time zones. Note that this includes half-hour offset cities like Kabul, Yangon, and Tehran. See the manual for the list.
* Automatic backlight, which lights up when you rotate your wrist in the dark. A really neat feature for when your hands are full!
* 12/24 hour display, hourly chime
* Accurate to within 20 seconds per month in the absence of radio signal

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